New Energy Opportunities, Inc.® has provided consulting services in the following areas:

Design and conduct of competitive solicitations for clean power resources:

  • Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (2009-18): chief advisor with respect to DOER’s oversight/coordination role of multiple competitive procurements by Massachusetts electric distribution companies (EDCs), including the 2016 Clean Energy RFP involving EDCs and state agencies from multiple New England states;
  • New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (2004-07, 2014-2016): advisor to NYSERDA, as part of a consulting team, with respect to the competitive solicitation of power products from renewable energy projects under long-term contracts;
  • Delaware Public Service Commission: advised the Commission with respect to the development of a solar renewable energy credit procurement process and evaluated the results of the second auction (2011-13);
  • Town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts (2006-07): advised the town in the development and implementation of a competitive procurement process resulting in the lease of town land to a wind project developer and an agreement to purchase power;
  • Massachusetts Technology Collaborative: lead consultant to MTC in the development and implementation of its Massachusetts Green Power Partnership program, pursuant to which MTC entered into long-term renewable energy certificate purchase and option contracts following a competitive procurement process (2002-05).

Independent Evaluator (or similar role) for power procurements:

Served, or is serving as, Independent Evaluator or similar role in a variety of competitive procurements either for or involving clean power resources, including solicitations conducted by utilities (and others) in Massachusetts (2016-18), California (2007-18), Nevada (2015-16), Oklahoma (2008-09), Utah (2008-09), Hawaii (2008-11), and Delaware (2006-08). In this capacity (acting as either contractor or subcontractor), NEO has advised and opined on RFP design issues, bid evaluation methodologies, the fairness of bid evaluation and bid selection, and the fairness and results of the contract negotiation process.

Transactional advice and due diligence:

  • Advised two utility companies with regard to power purchase agreements from proposed solar and wind projects (2011-13);
  • Advised wind developer client in developing and implementing a transaction to facilitate the export of energy and renewable energy certificates across ISO borders (2006-07);
  • Advised private client in negotiations regarding the sale of a fully developed wind project to a Midwestern electric utility in association with a turbine supply and engineering, procurement and construction agreement (2003-04).

Expert testimony and/or reports for regulatory proceedings (partial listing):

  • 2018—Independent Evaluator reports on an offshore wind RFP and a clean energy RFP conducted by the Massachusetts electric distribution companies and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources
  • 2012—testimony on behalf of the Oklahoma Attorney General regarding a wind energy power purchase agreement entered into by Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company, the utility company’s procurement process and related matters (Cause No. PUD 201100186);
  • 2011—testimony on behalf of the Delaware Public Service Commission staff with respect to a solar renewable energy credit procurement program proposed by Delmarva Power and Light Company (DPSC Docket No. 11-399);
  • 2009—testimony as Independent Evaluator before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (“OCC”) with respect to two wind energy purchase agreements entered into by Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (OCC Cause Nos. PUD 200900230 and 200900231);
  • 2009—testimony as Independent Evaluator before the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”) with respect to the restructuring of power purchase agreements by Southern California Edison Company involving the Mountain View Power Partners wind energy project (CPUC Application No. 09-09-015);
  • 2007—New Energy Opportunities, Inc., et al., “Assessment of Power Purchase Agreement Between Delmarva Power and Bluewater Wind Delaware LLC,” Delaware Public Service Commission Docket No. 06-241 (Dec. 13, 2007).